Elevate Coffee Success is on a mission to offer patented and powerful smart and nootropic coffee products that elevate your health and happiness.


We are a team of Elepreneurs that are located all over the United States and Canada that consume and enjoy the Elevate Coffee product line.  We have each lost weight and experience extreme focus and energy which we apply to our every day lives. 

The name of the product line, Elevacity, was created to represent a focus on elevating lives through the success of the product line.The product line is composed of core nutritional, weight-loss inducing nootropic wellness beverages, supplements like Xanthomax® and an unique skin care line called Timeless.  


All products are manufactured in a FDA registered and NSF certified facility and the formulas are patented. 

 Are you ready to experience more focus, energy, drive and passion in each day? Isn't it time that you are happier?  

Start your morning off with a cup of happiness.  Let's get started!