So Excited! I Did It! Finally Back Down To A Size 6!!

*originally posted September 2018

I just recently posted these images online my Facebook page with a combination of excitement and happiness!  Size 6.....Hello, I've missed you so!  

Took me about 6 months of drinking the coffee consistently with intermittent fasting which I believe is key.  The coffee HAS literally changed my cravings and appetite; I don't need to drink it every day but I admit that when I have a huge project that requires a great deal of focus, I will drink an entire cup in the morning after eating breakfast.  

These jeans that I am wearing; don't laugh ....I spent about $400 10 years ago at a boutique in NYC.  I refused to get rid of them knowing and believing that some day soon I will be able to fit into them once more and they are actually a little loose (#winning).  

I suspect that I've lost nearly 30 pounds and I am going by clothing sizes.  I was a size 10 and my rear-end growing wider at an unprecedented pace!  I gained weight in my legs and my stomach and back as well.  I was very slender before children and was able to lose weight each time after giving birth to a child, but this new weight hit me in 2016 and just wouldn't budge no matter what I did (from working out to changing my diet).   

Many friends remarked that they couldn't tell that I had gained any weight and being tall, I was able to hide it very, very well.  However, each time I went to put on a dress, or a pair of jeans or a designer shirt it was a horrible feeling not being able to fit into all my gorgeous clothes!  NOW.....I am so happy to say that I am thankful that I hung onto all my designer "skinny clothes" so now I can return to wearing the clothes that I love (although I will always be a torn jeans and t-shirt kinda gal)!

Now I just need to get back to the gym on a regular basis and I will be all set!  LOVE Elevate Coffee and love what it has done to my body and overall self-esteem!  This coffee is a must-have, must-try!  

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