• How smart is your coffee?

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How smart is your coffee?

More Energy

Focus Easier

Welcome to the Smartest Way to Lose Weight!

Happiness With Every Sip!

Our Elevate Coffee product line offers a range of nootropic smart coffee and happiness formulas that are designed with your health in mind.  From our flagship product, Elevate Coffee to our very popular D.O.S.E., each product offers happiness, focus and energy that is proven successful no matter what your weight loss or health goals are.  

The best way to see if our product works for you is to literally place an order and try it risk-free for 30 days.  If you don't experience focus, increased energy and a suppressed appetite, simply return any unused portion and we will refund your purchase no questions asked!

Just 1 Cup of Coffee Per Day Is All You Need


Order A Trial Pack of Samples Now

Get your hands on a few samples and try out this crazy popular smart coffee today! Your order will be promptly fulfilled and we will be on hand to answer any questions. The time to start losing weight is now.......especially this year!


By the way, I lost 5 lbs by drinking your coffee samples over the past week.  Is that normal?  I feel good too, health-wise.

Chris Bush

Over the last 7 months, I have been on the D.O.S.E., which is Elevate Coffee and Xanthomax.  I drink two cups a day, one in the morning and the other around 3pm.  I take 1 Xanthomax in the morning and I have lost over 80lbs.

Linda L

From time to time, I experience joint and muscle pain in my hands, arms and legs.  Every time this happens, I take 1 Xanthomax and within 2 hours the pain subsides.  I highly recommend this product for anyone that has an autoimmune disorder or arthritis. 

Sydney R

Quick update: got my order and am doing 2 scoops per cup of coffee in the morning.
This is Day 4. 
Started at 250. This morning I’m at 245.5 and have changed nothing else in my diet or exercise routine other than add Elevate to my coffee.
Next update in 2 days!!!!

Steve Adolt

That coffee (Elevate Coffee) had me working my butt off for 13 hours straight.  xoxxoxoooxx Ordering my now!

Freddie Jeff